Equipment Leasing

New businesses and growing businesses usually face the dilemma of having limited cash flow but yet need to add equipment. Now you have the option of Leasing / Financing to acquire equipment to work for you without a major capital investment and with real cash-flow advantages.

  • Leasing minimizes the demands on cash flow
  • You won't be investing in obsolescence
  • Financing keeps your bank credit lines open
  • Lease payments are a tax deductible business expense
  • The lease payment is usually lower than conventional financing. You can afford to purchase more equipment by leasing.
  • Conventional financing requires at least 20% down, where leasing only requires a small processing fee and the first month payment in advance.
  • Lease payments have no impact on your bank credit line. As a result, borrowing power is preserved for other business opportunities.
  • Your credit rating improves as you make your lease payments.
  • Equipment doesn't stay new. Leasing gives you the latest technology and then lets you upgrade when the equipment has outlived its advantage.
  • Purchases are made with after-tax dollars. Lease payments are usually considered a pre-tax business expense and as such may reduce taxes.
  • Protects you against fluctuating market conditions with a fixed payment.

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