State Inspection Record System

CompuSpections is a work order system which allows the creation of inspection records. It replaces handwriting with computer generated printing. You can print both data and form on a blank paper - 8.5x11, 11x14 and 11x17, or print data on a purchased form. This will significantly reduce the time needed to complete the required work order AND the inspection record by not having to enter duplicate information a second time, such as: customer name, customer address, and vehicle information. CompuSpections also displays a warning and or error messages when creating the inspection record when necessary. By doing this CompuSpections eliminates almost all fines by requiring correction of errors before entering sticker. You'll be able to store your sticker purchases and it automatically keeps track of the next sticker to be issued for each book. You get the ability to backup complete data - both work orders and inspection records.

CompuSpections also allows searches of the data (or a portion of the data) - both work orders and inspection records. Searches include: Sticker number, VIN, License Plate, Owner's name, Inspection Number, and Work Order. Find the info you need faster & easier! The program will significantly reduce the time needed to retrieve inspection information for Quality Assurance Officers and law enforcement personnel.

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